Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Aeon Festival

So it's about a week and a day or a week and two days till Aeon Festival (depending on when you get there).

So I figured it might be time for an Aeon playlist of what I'm looking forward to

Bok Bok

Jack Sparrow
Gold feat Estel Luz (J.Sparrow RMX) by J.Sparrow (dubstep)
James Fox



Discreet Unit

DJ Vadim

Chris James

Fred V and Graffix


Eats Everything



Phat Chex

Of course there are a hell of a lot of others playing including a lot of live bands and the best djs from around the area

So yeah big festival. Cheap ticket price

it's in a great location also

Check the full line up and ticket prices here
if you're interested in going.

If you're already going I hope these tracks get you hyped up for it. If you aint going at all (I know some followers I have aren't in the UK)I hope you've enjoyed the music anyway.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

There Will Come Soft Rains

Today I've got a great animation based on one of Ray Bradbury's short stories from The Martian Chronicles for you to watch

The story was originally written in the late 1940s I believe before then being adapted into this animation by Russian director Nazim Tulyakhodzayev in the 1980s.

Unfortunately this youtube upload isn't the greatest quality, but still check it out.

New tracks from Coleco

Yesterday saw the release of this great digital single from dubstep producer Coleco on Skybrid Audio. One for anyone out there feeling the more dark heavy style so many producers and djs are now pushing. Both are real strong tracks too.

Coleco - Thinner by coleco

Coleco - Joke by coleco

available to buy from here.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bass Clef Music Video

Bristol based Dubstep producer Bass Clef has recently been working on some tracks with a much more strong influence coming through from way back into the past of rave music

This has come together recently in the form of a new full length album being released on cassette tape with the lead track of the album “I think you are ready now for the eternal point of no return” getting its own music video.

Here it is

Pretty entertaining I reckon

More good news is that if you're feeling the track it's available for free here.

Bass Clef 'I think you are ready now for the eternal point of no return' by magicanddreams

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Galvanic Records

Hi, firstly sorry for all the inactivity of late I've been really busy.

Busy with things that actually relate to this post though....

So after a long time coming I'm announcing that my record label Galvanic Records is in fact finally here.

The label is going to push any fresh off kilter bass heavy electronic music that I feel will fit within it's style starting off from a hip hop base with a 12" single by a producer known as Yahwan.

Yahwan is a new pseudonym for Yah-wan McClelland who previously released some dubstep under the name Fissure Price for Crazy Rabbit Records under which he experimenting with a tempo and a new overall style.

Here is a preview of the two tracks that are going to be on the 12"

GLV001 Preview Mix - Yahwan - Hench/Junk Funk by Galvanic Records

You can also keep up to date with all label goings on here

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Starkey Music Video.

Starkey's music for some time now has regularly touched upon a running theme of space travel and science fiction.

With the matching of spaced out synths with cutting edge production styles in his music it all isn't surprising that his track titles and artwork have reflected the sounds in this way from time to time.

Most recently however this has come entirely to the forefront of what he does with two EPs coming out labelled as volumes of a project entitled "Space Traitor".

With the second of the two EPs (which was released for sale on Monday)comes a new music video that brings to life the themes of the music for all to see.

Personally I really can't stand the vocals on the track at all (especially the female part with it's cheesy lyrics), however I think instrumentally it's great and I have a lot of respect for him with regards to trying to add a visual element and strong theme to the music on these EPs. It's something I feel is missing from a lot of electronic music today. I mean with 12"s being released that are intended to be heard out in a club it doesn't (and shouldn't) remotely matter but in regards to albums I will say that I miss the imagery that would be conjured up from something like Yes' Relayer where music, lyrics and artwork would gel to create an album that works as a whole.

In fact I miss the art of the creation of an album as a single body of work regardless of this in general in most genres of music today really.

Anyway check the video

Also I'd recommend checking out the two EPs overall as they do have some tracks I like on them and watch out for anything else coming from Starkey soon. I saw him DJ on Friday and he's sitting on some really good tracks trust me.

This one being the one I want a release for the most
J-Sweet "Kerb (Starkey Remix)" - as played by Elijah & Skilliam by starkey

I mean that's just fucking sick right?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Memphis Beats.

During the 90s there was a huge hip hop scene in Memphis that released mainly on cassette tapes which has now become fairly lost to those who weren't involved in the scene at the time. Due to the nature of the music nothing was particularly well documented and so finding much information about rappers and producers from this area and time period is difficult enough let alone trying to get copies of the actual tapes over here in England.

However there are people out there good enough to rip the tapes and upload them to various websites for download so if you're at all interested you can still hear this music (don't start banging on about piracy now, literally there is no way of being able to get yourself legit new copies of a lot of what came out back then so you aren't ripping really anyone off).

Anyway the reason I like to try to hear these old Memphis tapes is from time to time you get some really crazy beats being rapped over. I mean these really catch my ear as being something interesting.

So here are a few tracks that have made it to youtube that I really like and think really have some unique sounds to them.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Some records out today.

Just a quick post once again about some nice records that have just been released.

A-List - The A-List EP (Illicit Trade)

First up is a four track EP from a real good up and coming producer who goes by the name of A-List.

This really really is a very strong record that nicely spans a good wide area of the dubstep spectrum without sounding like it's trying too hard to do so just for the sake of it like it can occasionally happen with some producers (not going to name names here though)

The first track off the record with Subfiltronik for me is the highlight with it's completely wonked out bassline and swung sounding drums which bring on a real head nodding feel that you'd normally get off someone like Kromestar. It's just a straight up dancefloor tune that does it's job perfectly.

Second up is a track that brings a totally different style to the last. This time bringing lush synth melodies over a deep and warm sounding sub bass. The production just sounds so clear on this one but in a way that brings a real chilled atmosphere rather than sounding clinical like how can happen from time to time with this style of track.

The next track up is close to being up with the first as being my personal favourite off the EP. It brings a much darker sound on the first drop than the other two and really succeeds in being crushingly heavy. There's enough percussion to drive it forward but not so much as to crowd up the track allowing the huge but tightly controlled reverb and dark droning cyclic bass to give the track a real huge and sparse sound. However once we get to the second drop a whole new character is added to the sound. The bass moves into a more melodic line and a synth part with a real flute-ish characterist joins in suddenly making all the long delays on sounds and huge reverb tails move into a dub based context rather than the dark and sinister feel of before. It's an interesting development and one that as a DJ can be a real nice tool to use for movment within a set.

To finish of the EP A-List brings a heavily dub influenced track again bringing back the lush sounds of the second track but this time with a much more skippy and lively sound and more of a late night stoned at house party after a show vibe to it. Very nice stuff.

Here's some preview audio.

Cyrus - Looking Back/Soul Seeker (Chest Plate)

So it's time for another release from one of the few labels that I seem to bag every release on sight from and this one is going to be no different. Continuing on with Distance's intentions to expand the label into something more than just an outlet for his own productions we get two tracks from legendary producer Cyrus.

Looking back brings a slightly subdued but still dark and heavy vibe with some excellent drum programming and some recent Mala meets early Distance melodic parts over a nice thick low pass reece bass line.

Soul Seeker on the b-side is the track that really does it for me. It has a real feel of movement to it and brings a much more dark and intense vibe that is personally what I'm after in this particular style of dubstep.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Origin Audio 002

So yesterday (or technically the day before as it's past midnight now) the second record from the Origin Audio label was released.

This is the 12" of Tunnidge's remix of Truth's Puppets and one of his own original productions called Ghost Dance.

Honestly, I'll be amazed if there's anyone into dubstep who hasn't at some point heard either of the tracks from it. Both are just crushingly heavy and the Puppets remix has totally destroyed every dance floor I've seen it dropped at. It's a 12" that's gonna spend a long time in my record bag that's for sure

So really this post is kind of pointless as everyone who will like it probably knows about it and so really this is just to remind everyone to go buy it...

Here's some audio to check if you're not normally into this type of thing and haven't heard it yet.

TRUTH Puppet Master (TUNNIDGE Remix) by Tunnidge

TUNNIDGE Ghost Dance by Tunnidge

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Favourite Sample Uses Part 1

I've decided that as a regular feature of this blog I'll just post up my favourite examples of sampling of any genre and why I rate them.

First up is J Dilla's Waves which is based largely around a sample of 10cc's Johnny Don't Do It

This track for me stands up so well for a number of reasons:

Firstly he's managed to take a track I would never think of using. It's super cheesy as far as I'm concerned and it's just from a band that personally I would never go for if I was to try make a beat like this.

Secondly it's just so far removed from the original. The way the sample has been used is so creative and the arrangement of the track in general is completely on point.

Last of all it's just very well produced as a track. The mixdown is excellent and it's just got that great sound Dilla brings on every one of his productions.

Just an all round great use of a sample.

What do you think

Here they are for reference if you don't know them.


Becomes this:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Big Like House.

So for today I've got a nice house mix for you all to check out.

Mixed by Exeter based DJ MTD comes the first promo mix for his night Big Like House.

Despite being a relatively new night Big Like House has already made a decent impact on the Exeter music scene attracting decent sized crowds and good vibes at every night they have put on so far.

The style of music BLH is known for is (quite obviously) house music, but more specifically UK Funky and the other more bass heavy styles of house emerging in the scene of late.

Anyway, Here's the mix to check out.

And look up Big Like House on facebook to keep up to date with them if you feel the style.

Monday, 6 June 2011

This Blog Goes Daily.

Yep that's right.

To combat the patchyness of the posting on here I'm gonna post something about anything I have in some way enjoyed, found interesting or was amused by every day that I can physically get to a computer and the internet. Plus I'll try be at least vaguely informative about something on the odd occasion.

Today it's going to be a post for some nice deep late night musical vibes. Nothing special. Just some things I've drawn for tonight.

First up is the London based band Polar Bear who really know how to lay on some atmosphere in their music and are just fucking awesome live.

Second is someone from the legendary Kranky label. There's just been so much quality music released by them over the years and Pan American (Mark Nelson from Labradford) I reckon is one of the best the label has to offer.

One of the best tracks from one the of the best prog rock albums ever made.

The best Motor City Drum Ensemble track?

Still can't go wrong on this. Total classic. I don't think anyone could get bored of hearing this.

Sun Ra goes funky as hell on this one. Big track.

Just one of my favourite dub tracks. Rolls along so nicely

Another prog rock track.

And another total classic to finish. One of the nicest tracks ever.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Zombie 90

So, what happens when you're hired to do an English language dub of a German movie that's just too fucking terrible to take seriously?

Make the lanky white guy sound like a stereotypical black pimp of course

And when you get an action scene that just consists of shoving some guy around, and a chainsaw death that looks like someone throwing a can of paint at the actor what do you do?

Add speech that isn't even supposed to fucking be there.

The worst thing about this film is it's also got an alternative title of Zombi 7 which makes it supposedly a sequel to the Lucio Fulci film Zombi 2 (known as "Zombie" in the US and "Zombie Flesh Eaters" in the UK).

I mean seriously? This film? Really?

Monday, 30 May 2011

RIP Gil Scott Heron

The world really lost a true innovator and great artist last Friday.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Jehst's new material.

So today I was fortunate enough to have seen Jehst and Micall Parknsun perform live by them with their DJ Jazz T in a small shop on North Hill in Plymouth.

The three of them had played a show in Penzance last night and had originally intended just to stop off to visit all the Top Billin crew here as they passed through Plymouth today en route to the next show up in Yorkshire but instead a mini show was set up to give all us all in Plymouth a chance to hear some new material.

This took place in a clothes store called Dappa Me (also serves coffee, food and alcoholic drinks etc. and does have live djs in store regularly) with an audience of about 15 people including me.

Now at this point I had intended to upload a rough recording of a couple tracks I took. However the sound quality is really rough as hell and there also will be a full from the desk recording being broadcast on pretty soon.

So really all I can say is...

It was fucking great, Jehst and Micall were both on point live and this new material is sounding incredible.The focus was on previewing tracks from Jehst's new album entitled "The Dragon Of An Average Family" and from what they played it sounds like it will be exactly what any Jehst fans would be hoping to hear from him both lyrically and beat wise.

He started off the set with "Starting Over" which recently stirred up some debate on the internet when fake videos of him working as a postman had surfaced before the full video was released. The other tracks he performed from the album brought back both some of his more abstract sounds with vivid imagery based lyrics and also some more straight up heavy hip hop sounds too before polishing the show off with a track from Micall Parknsun and a freestyle from the both of them.

So, if you couple this performance with the tracks appearing on youtube and the preview clips on suspect packages and I think that I can safely say that Jehst is back again and all of you should watch out for this new record (there's even another track on it where he samples prog rock legends Yes again...)

Check some preview clips (which annoyingly I can't get to work so you gotta just copy and paste, sorry)...

and check the youtube

Jehst also announced during an interview after the show that he shall be performing with a live band for his show at outlook festival in September and Micall Parknsun shall be releasing a new album entitled "Me, Myself and Akai" in the relatively near future.

Micall himself said on the subject of the record that he had a number of tracks finished and that the lyrical content shall be on a much deeper level of thought than on his previous releases. He claimed that it's not just going to be all "I'm a rapper, I smoke weed and also have kids" like he feels his previous material largely was and that it was also going to be entirely produced by him (in his kitchen too apparently...)

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

J-Zone Is One Of The Most Underrated Hip Hop Producers.

I know a lot of people know his shit already but honestly I think he's one of the all time greats as far as hip hop producers go.

Not really much I can say to back this up so just have a listen to these intrumentals.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Godfrey Ho filmed scenes with white actors and pasted them into unfinished hong kong movies

and ninjas did have the word ninja written on their heads.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Deep End Of Devon

A new mix from dj and head honcho of Exeter's Deep End night Mystery. This is a great mix consisting entirely of music by Devon based producers (most of which being from Exeter in fact) spanning a number of styles and genres including UK Funky, Garage, Dubstep and Grime.

This really is a testament to some of the musical talent south west has to offer and I'm posting it for this reason entirely (I'm not being some nob who's just spamming their mate's music).

Mystery - The Deep End of Devon by MysteryDubstep


1. Pulsar - Watershed (Dub)
2. Illogik - About Now (Dub)
3. Corticyte - Transistor Rhythm (Dub)
4. Dutty Dan - Irie Badbwoy (Dub)
5. Corticyte - Havana (Dub)
6. Bridge & MTD - Old Testement (Dub)
7. Corticyte - Holographic Principle (Dub)
8. Corticyte - Instance (Dub)
9. Systemik - Subscript (Dub)
10. Bridge - Reflekt (Corticyte Remix) (NE RecordS)
11. Pulsar - Honesty (Dub)
12. Corticyte - Serotonin (Dub)
13. Systemik - By myself without you (Dub)
14. Salt Uh feat. Levi French - Beauty & the bass (forthcoming 1st Bass Records)
15. Pulsar - Signs of life (Dub)
16. Illogik - Prophecy (Dub)
17. Dutty Dan - Bombs over Gaza (Dub)
18. Illogik - Liberty (Tease) (Crazy Rabbit Recordings)
19. Illogik - Shake Dat (Dub)
20. Dutty Dan - That Somebody (Dub)
21. Illogik - Glock (Dub)
22. Ollie 303 - Army of Ghosts (Dub)
23. Systemik - Warriors (Dub)
24. Bridge - Secret Assasin (Genoc1de Remix) (NE RecordS)
25. You Let Them Catch Up - Targets (Dub)
26. You let them catch up - Groke (Dub)
27. Pulsar - Dredstep (Tease) (Dub)
28. Magic Mash - Daddy Long Legs (Veri Lo Digital UK)
29. Ollie 303 - Guerilla Warfare (Dub)
30. Illogik - Alone (Dub)
31. Bridge Tri Hard (Dub)
32. Illogik & Nutkaze - Axis (Crazy Rabbit)
33. Dephicit - Concrete jungle (Dub)
34. If/Then - DJ Murderer (Dub)
35. Fissure Price - Lusus Naturae (Dub)
36. Dephicit - Extraction (Dub)
37. Pulsar - Mind Control (Dub)
38. Dutty Dan - Raw (feat LG & Reeps) (Dub)
39. Pulsar - Branded (Dub)
40. Bad Signs Productions - Are you mental? (Dub)
41. First Aid & Pulsar - Transformer Van (Dub)
42. Salt Uh - Saltstep (Dub)
43. MIK (Pulsar remix) - Duppy & Leave (Dub)
44. Rogue State & Dutty Dan - Killer Peking Duck (R8 Records Dub)
45. Fissure Price - Truffle Shuffle (Crazy Rabbit)
46. Dutty Dan - Boomshrine (Dub)
47. Pulsar - Fuck Robocop (Corticyte Remix) (Dub)
48. Dutty Dan - Happy Skank (R8 Records)
49. Vermin - Boombox (Dub)
50. You Let them catch up - Meiso (Dub)
51. Dephicit - Sequence (Dub)

If you're from the south west yourself the next Deep End night is going to be a special one in Rougemont in Exeter with Antisocial Entertainment's Jay 5ive and G Double headlining.

Here's a link to some info about that.

Monday, 28 March 2011

You listen to Fela Kuti right?

If so, enjoy this

If not, what the fuck are you doing?

Here's an hour of live footage

Friday, 25 March 2011

Thursday, 24 March 2011


It's got to that time again where grime record label Butterz give out a big zip folder of tracks for everyone to download.

My personal favourite out of these is the Mr Mitch track Fright Night. I'm gonna play that shit out this week end for sure. TRC's Empire is also a solid track too. So get downloading.

They've got some nice things to buy on their store at the moment as well (that P Jam 12" especialliy)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

R.I.P to Mr. Tsutomu Katoh

Tsutomu Katoh the founder of Korg sadly passed away today after a long fight with cancer.

Katoh not only had the vision to bring about the existence of one of the all time great electronic instrument manufacturers in the first place but to also stay consistently at the helm of it for close to fifty years.

In that time Korg made a great deal of important breakthroughs in music technology and developed many instruments of great character and longevity.

My condolences go out to his family and friends and I would personally like to extend my thanks to him for everything he contributed to a field that I have a great personal interest in.

If there's anyone out there who is at all interested in Korg's contribution to electronic musical instruments there is a fouty year history of Korg available to read here

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Some mixes.

Well, as I'm pretty sure that currently the only people who will be reading this are people on the internet who listen to dubstep that I've been waving this blog at in a lame attention seeking manner I felt the first post should be on that area of music.

So here are two mixes that go way way back.

First up is a rinse fm radio show from back in the days when it still broadcast as a pirate station. Originally broadcast in May 2005, recorded and then uploaded to Get Darker a few years later this set is a fucking heavy selection of nothing but proper dark dubstep.

So yeah, enjoy this show (or don't if you're a dickhead)

Youngsta and Loefah on Rinse FM

Second up is a grime set from around the same time (guess a year or so later). Not entirely sure who recorded this or where I downloaded it from originally so big ups to who ever did although I don't know who you are. This set is an absolute killer from FWD's 5th birthday by Geeneus back to back with Slimzee and is just solidly the roughest fucking grime instrumentals for the whole set.

Exactly the type of grime I feel the most. Give it a listen.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Introductory Post

Decided I'd give all this blog shit a go then....

and well if I'm honest I don't know diddley dick about blogging. I'll hopefully post things people like though but I sure as hell aint making any promises I'll tell you that.

So to give you an introduction:

I'm a dj based in Plymouth in the UK who plays dubstep mainly.
I also run the record label Galvanic Records. I'm an obsessive record collector and I'm a big horror and exploitation movie fan. I also like all sorts of other weird crap too.

This is my blog. It'll keep you up to date with my label and to give you an idea of what goes on in the head of me the owner. It's going to be full of any old bollocks I think is interesting plus maybe the odd informative thing or two (production techniques and the like), thing to download or news on the local music scene that Galvanic has grown out of.

So check it out (or don't actually it's shit so far).