Monday, 13 June 2011

Memphis Beats.

During the 90s there was a huge hip hop scene in Memphis that released mainly on cassette tapes which has now become fairly lost to those who weren't involved in the scene at the time. Due to the nature of the music nothing was particularly well documented and so finding much information about rappers and producers from this area and time period is difficult enough let alone trying to get copies of the actual tapes over here in England.

However there are people out there good enough to rip the tapes and upload them to various websites for download so if you're at all interested you can still hear this music (don't start banging on about piracy now, literally there is no way of being able to get yourself legit new copies of a lot of what came out back then so you aren't ripping really anyone off).

Anyway the reason I like to try to hear these old Memphis tapes is from time to time you get some really crazy beats being rapped over. I mean these really catch my ear as being something interesting.

So here are a few tracks that have made it to youtube that I really like and think really have some unique sounds to them.

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