Monday, 6 June 2011

This Blog Goes Daily.

Yep that's right.

To combat the patchyness of the posting on here I'm gonna post something about anything I have in some way enjoyed, found interesting or was amused by every day that I can physically get to a computer and the internet. Plus I'll try be at least vaguely informative about something on the odd occasion.

Today it's going to be a post for some nice deep late night musical vibes. Nothing special. Just some things I've drawn for tonight.

First up is the London based band Polar Bear who really know how to lay on some atmosphere in their music and are just fucking awesome live.

Second is someone from the legendary Kranky label. There's just been so much quality music released by them over the years and Pan American (Mark Nelson from Labradford) I reckon is one of the best the label has to offer.

One of the best tracks from one the of the best prog rock albums ever made.

The best Motor City Drum Ensemble track?

Still can't go wrong on this. Total classic. I don't think anyone could get bored of hearing this.

Sun Ra goes funky as hell on this one. Big track.

Just one of my favourite dub tracks. Rolls along so nicely

Another prog rock track.

And another total classic to finish. One of the nicest tracks ever.

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  1. Too much good music hear. Polar Bear are a new discovery for me. Wicked stuff.