Saturday, 11 June 2011

Origin Audio 002

So yesterday (or technically the day before as it's past midnight now) the second record from the Origin Audio label was released.

This is the 12" of Tunnidge's remix of Truth's Puppets and one of his own original productions called Ghost Dance.

Honestly, I'll be amazed if there's anyone into dubstep who hasn't at some point heard either of the tracks from it. Both are just crushingly heavy and the Puppets remix has totally destroyed every dance floor I've seen it dropped at. It's a 12" that's gonna spend a long time in my record bag that's for sure

So really this post is kind of pointless as everyone who will like it probably knows about it and so really this is just to remind everyone to go buy it...

Here's some audio to check if you're not normally into this type of thing and haven't heard it yet.

TRUTH Puppet Master (TUNNIDGE Remix) by Tunnidge

TUNNIDGE Ghost Dance by Tunnidge

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