Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Deep End Of Devon

A new mix from dj and head honcho of Exeter's Deep End night Mystery. This is a great mix consisting entirely of music by Devon based producers (most of which being from Exeter in fact) spanning a number of styles and genres including UK Funky, Garage, Dubstep and Grime.

This really is a testament to some of the musical talent south west has to offer and I'm posting it for this reason entirely (I'm not being some nob who's just spamming their mate's music).

Mystery - The Deep End of Devon by MysteryDubstep


1. Pulsar - Watershed (Dub)
2. Illogik - About Now (Dub)
3. Corticyte - Transistor Rhythm (Dub)
4. Dutty Dan - Irie Badbwoy (Dub)
5. Corticyte - Havana (Dub)
6. Bridge & MTD - Old Testement (Dub)
7. Corticyte - Holographic Principle (Dub)
8. Corticyte - Instance (Dub)
9. Systemik - Subscript (Dub)
10. Bridge - Reflekt (Corticyte Remix) (NE RecordS)
11. Pulsar - Honesty (Dub)
12. Corticyte - Serotonin (Dub)
13. Systemik - By myself without you (Dub)
14. Salt Uh feat. Levi French - Beauty & the bass (forthcoming 1st Bass Records)
15. Pulsar - Signs of life (Dub)
16. Illogik - Prophecy (Dub)
17. Dutty Dan - Bombs over Gaza (Dub)
18. Illogik - Liberty (Tease) (Crazy Rabbit Recordings)
19. Illogik - Shake Dat (Dub)
20. Dutty Dan - That Somebody (Dub)
21. Illogik - Glock (Dub)
22. Ollie 303 - Army of Ghosts (Dub)
23. Systemik - Warriors (Dub)
24. Bridge - Secret Assasin (Genoc1de Remix) (NE RecordS)
25. You Let Them Catch Up - Targets (Dub)
26. You let them catch up - Groke (Dub)
27. Pulsar - Dredstep (Tease) (Dub)
28. Magic Mash - Daddy Long Legs (Veri Lo Digital UK)
29. Ollie 303 - Guerilla Warfare (Dub)
30. Illogik - Alone (Dub)
31. Bridge Tri Hard (Dub)
32. Illogik & Nutkaze - Axis (Crazy Rabbit)
33. Dephicit - Concrete jungle (Dub)
34. If/Then - DJ Murderer (Dub)
35. Fissure Price - Lusus Naturae (Dub)
36. Dephicit - Extraction (Dub)
37. Pulsar - Mind Control (Dub)
38. Dutty Dan - Raw (feat LG & Reeps) (Dub)
39. Pulsar - Branded (Dub)
40. Bad Signs Productions - Are you mental? (Dub)
41. First Aid & Pulsar - Transformer Van (Dub)
42. Salt Uh - Saltstep (Dub)
43. MIK (Pulsar remix) - Duppy & Leave (Dub)
44. Rogue State & Dutty Dan - Killer Peking Duck (R8 Records Dub)
45. Fissure Price - Truffle Shuffle (Crazy Rabbit)
46. Dutty Dan - Boomshrine (Dub)
47. Pulsar - Fuck Robocop (Corticyte Remix) (Dub)
48. Dutty Dan - Happy Skank (R8 Records)
49. Vermin - Boombox (Dub)
50. You Let them catch up - Meiso (Dub)
51. Dephicit - Sequence (Dub)

If you're from the south west yourself the next Deep End night is going to be a special one in Rougemont in Exeter with Antisocial Entertainment's Jay 5ive and G Double headlining.

Here's a link to some info about that.


Monday, 28 March 2011

You listen to Fela Kuti right?

If so, enjoy this

If not, what the fuck are you doing?

Here's an hour of live footage

Friday, 25 March 2011

Thursday, 24 March 2011


It's got to that time again where grime record label Butterz give out a big zip folder of tracks for everyone to download.


My personal favourite out of these is the Mr Mitch track Fright Night. I'm gonna play that shit out this week end for sure. TRC's Empire is also a solid track too. So get downloading.

They've got some nice things to buy on their store at the moment as well (that P Jam 12" especialliy)


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

R.I.P to Mr. Tsutomu Katoh

Tsutomu Katoh the founder of Korg sadly passed away today after a long fight with cancer.

Katoh not only had the vision to bring about the existence of one of the all time great electronic instrument manufacturers in the first place but to also stay consistently at the helm of it for close to fifty years.

In that time Korg made a great deal of important breakthroughs in music technology and developed many instruments of great character and longevity.

My condolences go out to his family and friends and I would personally like to extend my thanks to him for everything he contributed to a field that I have a great personal interest in.

If there's anyone out there who is at all interested in Korg's contribution to electronic musical instruments there is a fouty year history of Korg available to read here


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Some mixes.

Well, as I'm pretty sure that currently the only people who will be reading this are people on the internet who listen to dubstep that I've been waving this blog at in a lame attention seeking manner I felt the first post should be on that area of music.

So here are two mixes that go way way back.

First up is a rinse fm radio show from back in the days when it still broadcast as a pirate station. Originally broadcast in May 2005, recorded and then uploaded to Get Darker a few years later this set is a fucking heavy selection of nothing but proper dark dubstep.

So yeah, enjoy this show (or don't if you're a dickhead)

Youngsta and Loefah on Rinse FM


Second up is a grime set from around the same time (guess a year or so later). Not entirely sure who recorded this or where I downloaded it from originally so big ups to who ever did although I don't know who you are. This set is an absolute killer from FWD's 5th birthday by Geeneus back to back with Slimzee and is just solidly the roughest fucking grime instrumentals for the whole set.

Exactly the type of grime I feel the most. Give it a listen.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Introductory Post

Decided I'd give all this blog shit a go then....

and well if I'm honest I don't know diddley dick about blogging. I'll hopefully post things people like though but I sure as hell aint making any promises I'll tell you that.

So to give you an introduction:

I'm a dj based in Plymouth in the UK who plays dubstep mainly.
I also run the record label Galvanic Records. I'm an obsessive record collector and I'm a big horror and exploitation movie fan. I also like all sorts of other weird crap too.

This is my blog. It'll keep you up to date with my label and to give you an idea of what goes on in the head of me the owner. It's going to be full of any old bollocks I think is interesting plus maybe the odd informative thing or two (production techniques and the like), thing to download or news on the local music scene that Galvanic has grown out of.

So check it out (or don't actually it's shit so far).