Saturday, 12 March 2011

Some mixes.

Well, as I'm pretty sure that currently the only people who will be reading this are people on the internet who listen to dubstep that I've been waving this blog at in a lame attention seeking manner I felt the first post should be on that area of music.

So here are two mixes that go way way back.

First up is a rinse fm radio show from back in the days when it still broadcast as a pirate station. Originally broadcast in May 2005, recorded and then uploaded to Get Darker a few years later this set is a fucking heavy selection of nothing but proper dark dubstep.

So yeah, enjoy this show (or don't if you're a dickhead)

Youngsta and Loefah on Rinse FM

Second up is a grime set from around the same time (guess a year or so later). Not entirely sure who recorded this or where I downloaded it from originally so big ups to who ever did although I don't know who you are. This set is an absolute killer from FWD's 5th birthday by Geeneus back to back with Slimzee and is just solidly the roughest fucking grime instrumentals for the whole set.

Exactly the type of grime I feel the most. Give it a listen.


  1. Big up for these, gonna blast the grime set at work later on. Should piss off the hairdressers next door.

  2. Going to listen to that grime set on my way back from uni. Nice one.