Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Aeon Festival

So it's about a week and a day or a week and two days till Aeon Festival (depending on when you get there).

So I figured it might be time for an Aeon playlist of what I'm looking forward to

Bok Bok

Jack Sparrow
Gold feat Estel Luz (J.Sparrow RMX) by J.Sparrow (dubstep)
James Fox



Discreet Unit

DJ Vadim

Chris James

Fred V and Graffix


Eats Everything



Phat Chex

Of course there are a hell of a lot of others playing including a lot of live bands and the best djs from around the area

So yeah big festival. Cheap ticket price

it's in a great location also

Check the full line up and ticket prices here
if you're interested in going.

If you're already going I hope these tracks get you hyped up for it. If you aint going at all (I know some followers I have aren't in the UK)I hope you've enjoyed the music anyway.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

There Will Come Soft Rains

Today I've got a great animation based on one of Ray Bradbury's short stories from The Martian Chronicles for you to watch

The story was originally written in the late 1940s I believe before then being adapted into this animation by Russian director Nazim Tulyakhodzayev in the 1980s.

Unfortunately this youtube upload isn't the greatest quality, but still check it out.

New tracks from Coleco

Yesterday saw the release of this great digital single from dubstep producer Coleco on Skybrid Audio. One for anyone out there feeling the more dark heavy style so many producers and djs are now pushing. Both are real strong tracks too.

Coleco - Thinner by coleco

Coleco - Joke by coleco

available to buy from here.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bass Clef Music Video

Bristol based Dubstep producer Bass Clef has recently been working on some tracks with a much more strong influence coming through from way back into the past of rave music

This has come together recently in the form of a new full length album being released on cassette tape with the lead track of the album “I think you are ready now for the eternal point of no return” getting its own music video.

Here it is

Pretty entertaining I reckon

More good news is that if you're feeling the track it's available for free here.

Bass Clef 'I think you are ready now for the eternal point of no return' by magicanddreams

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Galvanic Records

Hi, firstly sorry for all the inactivity of late I've been really busy.

Busy with things that actually relate to this post though....

So after a long time coming I'm announcing that my record label Galvanic Records is in fact finally here.

The label is going to push any fresh off kilter bass heavy electronic music that I feel will fit within it's style starting off from a hip hop base with a 12" single by a producer known as Yahwan.

Yahwan is a new pseudonym for Yah-wan McClelland who previously released some dubstep under the name Fissure Price for Crazy Rabbit Records under which he experimenting with a tempo and a new overall style.

Here is a preview of the two tracks that are going to be on the 12"

GLV001 Preview Mix - Yahwan - Hench/Junk Funk by Galvanic Records

You can also keep up to date with all label goings on here

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Starkey Music Video.

Starkey's music for some time now has regularly touched upon a running theme of space travel and science fiction.

With the matching of spaced out synths with cutting edge production styles in his music it all isn't surprising that his track titles and artwork have reflected the sounds in this way from time to time.

Most recently however this has come entirely to the forefront of what he does with two EPs coming out labelled as volumes of a project entitled "Space Traitor".

With the second of the two EPs (which was released for sale on Monday)comes a new music video that brings to life the themes of the music for all to see.

Personally I really can't stand the vocals on the track at all (especially the female part with it's cheesy lyrics), however I think instrumentally it's great and I have a lot of respect for him with regards to trying to add a visual element and strong theme to the music on these EPs. It's something I feel is missing from a lot of electronic music today. I mean with 12"s being released that are intended to be heard out in a club it doesn't (and shouldn't) remotely matter but in regards to albums I will say that I miss the imagery that would be conjured up from something like Yes' Relayer where music, lyrics and artwork would gel to create an album that works as a whole.

In fact I miss the art of the creation of an album as a single body of work regardless of this in general in most genres of music today really.

Anyway check the video

Also I'd recommend checking out the two EPs overall as they do have some tracks I like on them and watch out for anything else coming from Starkey soon. I saw him DJ on Friday and he's sitting on some really good tracks trust me.

This one being the one I want a release for the most
J-Sweet "Kerb (Starkey Remix)" - as played by Elijah & Skilliam by starkey

I mean that's just fucking sick right?