Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Starkey Music Video.

Starkey's music for some time now has regularly touched upon a running theme of space travel and science fiction.

With the matching of spaced out synths with cutting edge production styles in his music it all isn't surprising that his track titles and artwork have reflected the sounds in this way from time to time.

Most recently however this has come entirely to the forefront of what he does with two EPs coming out labelled as volumes of a project entitled "Space Traitor".

With the second of the two EPs (which was released for sale on Monday)comes a new music video that brings to life the themes of the music for all to see.

Personally I really can't stand the vocals on the track at all (especially the female part with it's cheesy lyrics), however I think instrumentally it's great and I have a lot of respect for him with regards to trying to add a visual element and strong theme to the music on these EPs. It's something I feel is missing from a lot of electronic music today. I mean with 12"s being released that are intended to be heard out in a club it doesn't (and shouldn't) remotely matter but in regards to albums I will say that I miss the imagery that would be conjured up from something like Yes' Relayer where music, lyrics and artwork would gel to create an album that works as a whole.

In fact I miss the art of the creation of an album as a single body of work regardless of this in general in most genres of music today really.

Anyway check the video

Also I'd recommend checking out the two EPs overall as they do have some tracks I like on them and watch out for anything else coming from Starkey soon. I saw him DJ on Friday and he's sitting on some really good tracks trust me.

This one being the one I want a release for the most
J-Sweet "Kerb (Starkey Remix)" - as played by Elijah & Skilliam by starkey

I mean that's just fucking sick right?


  1. Yeah I talked to him on Friday about it. Said he'd been in talks with people the night before to see if he could figure out how to get it released properly.

    He's a really sound guy actually and his dj set was insane.

  2. Wow, starkey never ceases to impress me!