Sunday, 12 June 2011

Some records out today.

Just a quick post once again about some nice records that have just been released.

A-List - The A-List EP (Illicit Trade)

First up is a four track EP from a real good up and coming producer who goes by the name of A-List.

This really really is a very strong record that nicely spans a good wide area of the dubstep spectrum without sounding like it's trying too hard to do so just for the sake of it like it can occasionally happen with some producers (not going to name names here though)

The first track off the record with Subfiltronik for me is the highlight with it's completely wonked out bassline and swung sounding drums which bring on a real head nodding feel that you'd normally get off someone like Kromestar. It's just a straight up dancefloor tune that does it's job perfectly.

Second up is a track that brings a totally different style to the last. This time bringing lush synth melodies over a deep and warm sounding sub bass. The production just sounds so clear on this one but in a way that brings a real chilled atmosphere rather than sounding clinical like how can happen from time to time with this style of track.

The next track up is close to being up with the first as being my personal favourite off the EP. It brings a much darker sound on the first drop than the other two and really succeeds in being crushingly heavy. There's enough percussion to drive it forward but not so much as to crowd up the track allowing the huge but tightly controlled reverb and dark droning cyclic bass to give the track a real huge and sparse sound. However once we get to the second drop a whole new character is added to the sound. The bass moves into a more melodic line and a synth part with a real flute-ish characterist joins in suddenly making all the long delays on sounds and huge reverb tails move into a dub based context rather than the dark and sinister feel of before. It's an interesting development and one that as a DJ can be a real nice tool to use for movment within a set.

To finish of the EP A-List brings a heavily dub influenced track again bringing back the lush sounds of the second track but this time with a much more skippy and lively sound and more of a late night stoned at house party after a show vibe to it. Very nice stuff.

Here's some preview audio.

Cyrus - Looking Back/Soul Seeker (Chest Plate)

So it's time for another release from one of the few labels that I seem to bag every release on sight from and this one is going to be no different. Continuing on with Distance's intentions to expand the label into something more than just an outlet for his own productions we get two tracks from legendary producer Cyrus.

Looking back brings a slightly subdued but still dark and heavy vibe with some excellent drum programming and some recent Mala meets early Distance melodic parts over a nice thick low pass reece bass line.

Soul Seeker on the b-side is the track that really does it for me. It has a real feel of movement to it and brings a much more dark and intense vibe that is personally what I'm after in this particular style of dubstep.

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