Saturday, 28 May 2011

Jehst's new material.

So today I was fortunate enough to have seen Jehst and Micall Parknsun perform live by them with their DJ Jazz T in a small shop on North Hill in Plymouth.

The three of them had played a show in Penzance last night and had originally intended just to stop off to visit all the Top Billin crew here as they passed through Plymouth today en route to the next show up in Yorkshire but instead a mini show was set up to give all us all in Plymouth a chance to hear some new material.

This took place in a clothes store called Dappa Me (also serves coffee, food and alcoholic drinks etc. and does have live djs in store regularly) with an audience of about 15 people including me.

Now at this point I had intended to upload a rough recording of a couple tracks I took. However the sound quality is really rough as hell and there also will be a full from the desk recording being broadcast on pretty soon.

So really all I can say is...

It was fucking great, Jehst and Micall were both on point live and this new material is sounding incredible.The focus was on previewing tracks from Jehst's new album entitled "The Dragon Of An Average Family" and from what they played it sounds like it will be exactly what any Jehst fans would be hoping to hear from him both lyrically and beat wise.

He started off the set with "Starting Over" which recently stirred up some debate on the internet when fake videos of him working as a postman had surfaced before the full video was released. The other tracks he performed from the album brought back both some of his more abstract sounds with vivid imagery based lyrics and also some more straight up heavy hip hop sounds too before polishing the show off with a track from Micall Parknsun and a freestyle from the both of them.

So, if you couple this performance with the tracks appearing on youtube and the preview clips on suspect packages and I think that I can safely say that Jehst is back again and all of you should watch out for this new record (there's even another track on it where he samples prog rock legends Yes again...)

Check some preview clips (which annoyingly I can't get to work so you gotta just copy and paste, sorry)...

and check the youtube

Jehst also announced during an interview after the show that he shall be performing with a live band for his show at outlook festival in September and Micall Parknsun shall be releasing a new album entitled "Me, Myself and Akai" in the relatively near future.

Micall himself said on the subject of the record that he had a number of tracks finished and that the lyrical content shall be on a much deeper level of thought than on his previous releases. He claimed that it's not just going to be all "I'm a rapper, I smoke weed and also have kids" like he feels his previous material largely was and that it was also going to be entirely produced by him (in his kitchen too apparently...)


  1. Fantastic. I'm glad to hear the new album is sounding good. And I'm amazed and surprised that there's another track sampling Yes! I'll be on the lookout for that one for certain.

  2. i am so hyped for jehsts new album, cant wait for it to drop!